Seaprog 2018 Is History!

As the last echoes of a sublime weekend of music reverberate off into the cosmos, the Seaprog Central Committee wants to extend our inexpressible thanks to all of the musical mages, deep listeners, photographers, volunteers, Columbia City Theater crew, and Shunpike staffers who made this the most successful Seaprog to date. Indeed, after losing significant amounts of money on each past edition of this labor of love, we're exhilarated to announce that in 2018, Seaprog finally broke even for the first time, thanks entirely to your support. We love you all for it and pledge to keep the progressive banner waving in Seattle for years to come (yes, we're already setting dates for next year).

A special shout to exhausted volunteers Julie Barnett (MVP), official Seaprog photographer Danette Davis, Alicia Rinehart, Eric Amrine, Brendan Leber, and Charley Rowan for keeping the locomotive on the rails; Mike Pollack and Patrick Alexander for the generous radio coverage; Debi Byrd, Helaine Burch, Jennifer and Gillian Fisher, and other friends who traveled great distances to attend the festival, and of course every one of the extraordinary musicians who gifted us with your magic.

—Dennis, John, Jon, Joe, Dave & Tom
Yer ever-lovin' Seaprog Central Committee

About Seaprog

Conceived as a destination event rather than just another gig, Seaprog invites music lovers to spend a weekend enjoying stimulating and intelligent music and visiting the many fine restaurants, bars, and shops in Columbia City.

One great thing about the Columbia City Theater is that it has a front room that not only serves food and drink, but can host musical performances as well. We'll be taking advantage of this fact by presenting some solo/duo acts there between sets on the mainstage. Wouldn't want you to get bored!

Jack o' the Clock at Seaprog 2017, photo by D. Davis

Latest posts

Dennis Rea Interviewed on

There's a pre-Seaprog interview with co-organizer Dennis Rea on the estimable Proglodytes site, with a tip o' the hat to Thomas Hatton — many thanks for helping to spread the word!

Head over to their site to check it out.

30 May, 2018

Festival Update for May 11 — Poster, Artists, Tickets, Donations

Seaprog 2018 poster by Nat DammAs the festival dates approach at roughly the pace of one day every 24 hours, the Central Committee has been busy getting everything ready behind the scenes. There is so much to do! Once again, the wonderful Nat Damm has designed our poster this year, and once again he's come through with flying colors (mostly pale yellows, dark browns, and a kind of reddish tinge we don't have a name for).

Two recent additions to the line-up are now posted on the artist and schedule pages. On Friday at 8:00 in the front room we'll have a pulsating set of space rock from Star Cradle. Check out their video for a taste of what to expect. And then on Sunday, the front room will host A Word in Edgewise, a unique duo featuring Clark Battle and his custom electronic cello and Kevin Cook on drums. They'll mix improvisation and prepared compositions in a sonic stew unlike anything you're likely to have heard.

Advance ticket sales are humming along (in odd meters, no doubt), putting Seaprog well above previous years, proving that perseverance in the face of difficulties can pay off. If you haven't made your arrangements yet, now is the time! And if you can't attend, please consider making a charitable contrubution to help support creative music. Use the Donate button above.

11 May, 2018

Seaprog Fund-Raising Drive Seeks to Expand Access to Creative Music

Since it began, the Seaprog Festival has been a home for creative music that doesn't recognize boundaries, music made by artists following their talent wherever it takes them regardless of the fashions in commercial music. It is truly Art for Art's Sake, and fans and performers alike have told us how much they appreciate what we're doing.

But we all know that sincere thanks can't pay the bills, and we've reached a point where we can no longer present the festival funded solely from our own pockets. Unlike larger and more expensive festivals, our ticket prices only cover a portion of what it costs to stage the event, so we're reaching out for help to keep Seaprog happening.

Have a look at the donation page for more details, and please consider giving.

1 May, 2018