Seaprog Has the Best Fans

When we started Seaprog back in 2013, the festival was very much an unknown quantity, and it could have easily ended up a big failure. The founders had a vision that seemed like it would be a good thing, but no one knew if that would work out. That first year, some brave music lovers took the plunge and became part of a family.

Our photographer, Danette Davis, came up with the idea of a group picture with people who have attended all of the editions of Seaprog. This is the result.

Seaprog alumni, photo by D. Davis

Some of those present (we didn’t get all the names) are Peter Comley, Kurt Ahrensfeld, Jack Pollack, Mike Pollack, DB Wood, Michael Trew, Clark Battle, Steven Kiner, Helaine Burch, Debi Byrd, Ken Sorensen, John Hagelbarger, Dave McClelland, Joe Fischer, Dennis Rea, and Jon Davis.

About Seaprog

Conceived as a destination event rather than just another gig, Seaprog invites music lovers to spend a weekend enjoying stimulating and intelligent music and visiting the many fine restaurants, bars, and shops in Columbia City.

One great thing about the Columbia City Theater is that it has a front room that not only serves food and drink, but can host musical performances as well. We'll be taking advantage of this fact by presenting some solo/duo acts there between sets on the mainstage. Wouldn't want you to get bored!

Jack o' the Clock at Seaprog 2017, photo by D. Davis

Latest posts

Seaprog 2020 Officially Postponed

It is with great regret that we have to announce the indefinite postponement of this year’s Seaprog festival. With the current situation regarding the coronavirus, it has become apparent that staging an event of this size in early June is no longer possible. It is our intention to put together an event later in the year, though obviously we can’t yet specify dates or any details at this time. We are also working on producing a series of live streaming performances by artists who would have been appearing at our events.

Ticket buyers

We are offering three choices for those who already purchased tickets:

  • We will be happy to provide a refund (OK, not happy, but perfectly willing).
  • You can let the purchase stand and they will be honored at future events at full value. You can request a refund at any time.
  • You can also donate the value of the tickets to the organization, and we will apply the funds to cover expenses which have already incurred and will come up in the future.

Let us know your preference by emailing if you haven’t already been contacted about your tickets.

Obviously, we're as bummed as anyone about this turn of events, but these are extraordinary times. The music will endure, and we're eternally grateful for your support. Stay safe!

— Dave, Dennis, Joe, John, Jon, and Tom
The Seaprog Central Committee

17 March, 2020

Get Ready for Seaprog with Seaprog Presents in April

Seaprog Presents poster by Jon DavisIn our recurring series of events, Seaprog is pleased to present three Northwest bands in line with our theme of creativity without boundaries. The Seaprog Festival is still several months away, but you can get a fix of psych and prog to hold you over! Join us on April 29.

UbuludU is a stoner jazz power fusion band from Seattle featuring members of such diverse bands as Abodox, Lesbian, Fungal Abyss, Shitty Person, T Rox, Black Queen, Sam Yoder Geist and the Sacred Ensemble, Diminished Men, Authentic Luxury, and Cantrip.

Spine Readers is a Bellingham band that dwells at the intersection of rock, prog, pop, classical, and more. With members coming from diverse musical backgrounds, they blend a myriad of musical styles through tight-knit compositions and improvisation, forming a haphazardly focused musical collage.

Super Z Attack Team started as a spin-off from the band Zhongyu, a studio-oriented project formed by multi-instrumentalist and composer Jon Davis. With the unusual instrumentation of Stick, bari sax, and drums, the trio incorporates electronics into music that straddles rock energy and the jazzy spirit of improvisation. They relish the intersection of planning and chance, always focusing on maintaining a groove, regardless of what meter they use.

Once again, we'll be at the Substation, which is at 645 NW 45th St. in Seattle. Check out details here. Admission will be $10 at the door.

10 March, 2020

Stay Healthy, Everyone!

Along with everyone else in the world, we’ve been watching the news regarding the spread of COVID-19, looking to how it will impact our own lives, specifically the planned Seaprog Festival in June. We are carefully watching the situation in Washington state and remain committed to staging the festival if at all possible. If circumstances arise that jeopardize this, we intend to do right by our artists, attendees, and the community at large. This has never been a money-making enterprise, and the health and well-being of all involved is much more important than ticket sales. Music is important, but life is even more important. As of now, in early March, it is far too early to know what the situation will be in June, so we have to live with uncertainty for the time being. We intend to be fully open and transparent about any changes in plans that might arise, but for now, we urge everyone to heed the advice of medical professionals and take care so we can all get through this. Thanks for your continued support, and we hope to see you in June!

6 March, 2020