Seaprog 2018 Will Be a Thing

We're not quite ready to announce the dates yet, but we have decided that Seaprog will happen again in 2018. Four weekends of amazing music over the course of five years presents the promise of more great things to come. Thanks to all who have supported us, especially those who have attended multiple times.

And once again, heartfelt thanks to the management and staff at both the Columbia City Theater and the Royal Room, all of the artists who graced us with their performances, and the volunteers who made it work.

Stay tuned for more details!

About Seaprog

Conceived as a destination event rather than just another gig, Seaprog invites music lovers to spend a weekend enjoying stimulating and intelligent music and visiting the many fine restaurants, bars, and shops in Columbia City.

One great thing about the Columbia City Theater is that it has a front room that not only serves food and drink, but can host musical performances as well. We'll be taking advantage of this fact by presenting some solo/duo acts there between sets on the mainstage. Wouldn't want you to get bored! In 2013, we presented sets from Amy Denio, Bill Horist, and Austenitic. 2014 brought us The Pornadoes, Jim Bartz, and more.

Latest posts

2017 Gallery Now Online

After a lot of hard work and hard decisions, the 2017 Hall of Memories is now online. We've got photos of every performer captured by our official photographer, Danette Davis. For those who attended, check them out and refresh you memory about how wonderful it was. If you weren't there, see what you missed, and start making plans go come next year.

If you're one of the musicians who played, feel free to contact Danette about getting rights to use her pictures of your performance. Respect her work as a fellow artist, and get permission. Her terms are reasonable. We think you'll all agree that the photos are outstanding — getting better every year.

24 June, 2017

Another One for the History Books

We seem to have survived another weekend packed with amazing music and great friends both new and old. Seaprog 2017 is right up there with the best Seaprogs ever. So many wonderful performances!

The Central Committee offers heartfelt thanks to all of the musicians, volunteers, attendees, and the staff and management of the Columbia City Theater and the Royal Room. Our official photographer is hard at work processing all of the images, and when they're ready we'll put up a gallery of the best ones.

7 June, 2017

Here we go!

The time is upon us. After lots of work, scrambling to deal with changing circumstances, and miles traveled, Seaprog 2017 is starting tonight. Join us at the Royal Room for four great bands: Moon Letters, Pinto Wagonfire, Omni, and Paraesthesia. You can even have a good meal while you're there.

Then tomorrow we kick off two days of excellent music at the Columbia City Theater, featuring more artists than ever before. We've filled every available hour both on the main stage and in the front room. Just look at the schedule page — just for a moment, then make arrangements to be there.

2 June, 2017